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In Delphi we care passionately about the environment where we work and play. Situated in the Delphi valley in an area of stunning natural beauty, environmental awareness and action has become an intrinsic part of the ethos of Delphi Mountain Resort.

In July 2012, Delphi Adventure centre was the first adventure centre in Ireland to win the ECO CENTRE award.


The award was approved by An Taisce in the form of a GREEN FLAG AWARD and was issued after the successful implementation of a seven step programme of environmental action and improvement.
Similar to the Green Schools award, Delphi will be required to have a reassessment for renewal every year which will encourage the business to maintain and improve the systems that have already been implemented.


Delphi also has a GREEN TEAM, a committee of committed individuals from each department who help to drive and maintain our environmental programme in all areas of the business. Environmental awareness of our staff and customers is the cornerstone of our efforts in reducing our green house gases and A GREEN CODE has been published to clearly state our specific promises to ourselves and to our customers.



On the activity front we are committed to activities that are sustainable in environmental terms- in other words things that will have little or no impact on the environment - kayaking, walking, surfing, biking, using the local landscape with only low impact programmes. We do not use quads or power boats in any of our activities.



In 2006 a mechanical water treatment was installed to deal with the effluent coming from the business. This plant ensures that the water coming out of treatment plant is clean and will not impact negatively on the local environment.
In our most recently built wing, we used recycled copper as a roof, recycled newspaper as insulation in the attics, and all of the wood came from certified managed sustainable forests.



Delphi’s energy requirements are high due to the nature of the business and energy conservation was one of the first themes to be tackled company wide.
Light audits were carried out and bulbs were removed or replaced with energy saving versions.
A ‘switch it off’ campaign was implemented and is on-going and this policy is trumpeted to our student groups and adults customers alike though posters, awareness days and inclusion in every introduction to schools and customers.
Heat exchangers have been installed in the newest accommodation wing to further increase efficiencies. The pipes have been insulated to the highest possible standards, as have the attics.
A daily management system has been put in place to manage heating and prevent heat being left on unnecessarily.
In the restaurant, Delphi has removed all linen table cloths with a resultant drop in the energy used to launder large amounts of table linen every day.


Delphi has an efficient programme of waste reduction and separation. Suppliers are asked to take back their cardboard and packaging where possible, all recyclable materials are separated from general waste and food composting is carried out in all areas.
Our purchasing policy ensures that we buy equipment like kayaks from companies that will receive them back for recycling. We also recycle all of our decommissioned neoprene wetsuits, as well as sending lost property clothing and shoes to a textile recycling company.


Approximately 16,000 to 20,000 people enjoy our outdoor activities every year. Most of this number are school groups. In Delphi we want to inspire and lead, and continue the work done by the Green Schools programme in educating the future generation so that sustainability will be a way of life in Ireland rather than a catch word. We also want to lead by example and influence other businesses in the area and promote corporate responsibility towards environmental protection


In late 2012 Delphi will apply for a Green Hospitality award. This is the only Irish-developed environmental certification standard for the hospitality sector and is internationally recognized. Our objective is to reach GOLD standard by late 2013 which is best practice standard for hotels.
The themes of water conservation and promoting and protecting local biodiversity will be tackled next with habitat mapping and an energetic approach to tacking the growth of invasive species encroaching on the property.

Please see our blog to keep up with all the latest on the environmental front and feel free to do as we do………!


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