"What the press say"


  Irish Times, 7th May " Camp it Up"

“Possibly the best known adventure centre in Ireland”

“Set in the rolling wilds of rugged and gorgeous Connemara”

“Kayaking, rock-climbing and raft-building are among the daytime activities”

Woman’s Way, 20th May 
Return of the First Lady

“Delphi Mountain Resort in beautiful Connemara”

“Seaweed baths in Delphi mountain spring water in the award-winning spa”


Xpose Magazine, May 2013

”Delphi Mountain Resort includes a stunning 4-star hotel and spa”

“The longest running adventure centre in Ireland”


Ireland of the Welcomes 2013
A Family Affair  


 “Delphi is a destination break for activity lovers and those wishing to immerse themselves in the beauty of Ireland’s west coast”
“The design of the lodge reflects its surroundings”
“Fully tailored family activity breaks to suit the age of the little ones”
“Adrenaline-fuelled fun for all”
The Star Chic Magazine, 5th January 2013
Beat the January blues
“Whizz down the endless zip wire at Delphi”
Irish Tatler, March issue 2013
 Saintly surroundings 
“the sort of wild beauty which is perfect for helping stressed nine-to-fivers relax and reconnect with nature”
“One of the most stunning parts of the country”
“The spa offers a variety of treatments using products from the Voya range”
“Families are well catered for”
Irish Daily Mail, You Magazine
Go West Young Woman 2013
“Blessed with breath-taking surroundings”
“Delphi has long been the first port of call for those of us escaping the rat race”
Irish Country Magazine, February issue 2013
Unusual Days Away  
“Delphi Mountain Resort is perfect”
“Delphi offers everything”
“Tailored family packages to ensure each stay is special”
“Last year, Delphi was awarded the Eco Centre award, the first adventure centre in Ireland to win the award”
The Star, 23rd January   2013  
Irish Spa Breaks           
Get back to nature with an unforgettable weekend to Delphi Mountain Resort”
“Delphi is a perfect way to get in touch with nature and treat yourself in the spa afterwards”
“Combine adventure with pampering”
“”A trip to Delphi is not complete without a famous Delphi Seaweed Bath” 
Image Magazine, October 2012

“The rustic details make a stay here feel oh so natural”

“In between the hill walking, climbing, zip lining and snorkelling, get thee to the eco spa, where top-notch spa treatments will lull stress levels nicely before you try their hand harvested seaweed baths.”


Cara Magazine, October 2012

“Feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins as you hang on the sheer face of the Mweelrea Massif overlooking Killary Fjord.”


“Hike into the crag and begin climbing and abseiling different routes at all levels of difficulty under the watchful eye of specialist instructors from Delhi Mountain Resort.”


Evening Echo - October 2011

"...stunning four-star hotel..."

Galway Advertiser - September 2011

"...the perfect place to visit to get some relaxation..."

Woman's Way - September 2011

"...there aren't many better places to combine activities and luxury then the Delphi Mountain Resort in Connemara."

Galway Advertiser - August 2011

"...Delphi has everything covered..."

Irish Times - July 2011

"For an even easier to achieve blend of hotel luxury and outdoor adventure, check out Delphi Mountain Resort, which has great food, a beautiful spa and top notch accommodation..."

Irish Tatler – July 2011

"Using skincare range Eminence, therapists are incredibly well-informed on the product’s uses, allowing them to customise all and my treatments, and extra innovative touches that showed Delphi’s passion include the resort’s own brand of herbal teas which are offered post-treatment. Delighted judges could choose from cleansing, reviving or relaxing blends."

Star on Sunday-Amen – September 2010

There’s no better way to take in the other-worldly beauty of the fjord and its neighbouring Mweelrea mountain than by gliding along the calmed waters in a sea kayak.

Irish Independent Broadsheet-Weekend – August 2010

"The hotel itself looks as if it’s hewn from stone and wood, and its gentle contours fit well into a landscape of rugged mountains, lakes and sandy beaches.....Delphi chalks up five stars when it comes to pampering........It’s perfect for anybody who loves the challenge and adventure of the great outdoors, but it is also a great spa location."

Outsider –  August 2010

When you’ve achieved that delicious state of physical exhaustion, head to the spa to rejuvenate. All treatments include complementary access of the thermal suite and relaxation room, so make sure you give yourself time to loll in the almost pool-sized Jacuzzi with its spectacular views of the wild mountains. I can highly recommend a full body massage or a seaweed bath too.

Prudence –  August 2010

"Indulged is the best word to describe this weekend. A glorious meal welcomed us on arrival after which we passed out in what my friend described as ‘cloud pillows’."

"Fun factor: Even if adventures aren’t your thing, there’s something for everyone. Instructors are patient, friendly and very encouraging. As soon as you’ve finished, you’ll want to do it all over again."

Irish Times-Magazine –  June 2010

"Delphi Mountain Resort is a great family-friendly hotel gloriously situated in one of the country’s most magnificent spots beside Killary Harbour, Ireland’s only fjord.
It nestles like a fairytale building-curved roof and dormer windows-beneath local mountain, the Sleeping Giant." 

"No television, no mobile phone coverage and not a man-made intervention in sight. From the hotel door, the only sound is that of the stream across the road, itself interrupted only by the plop of jumping fish.
The sanctuary element is further enhanced by the hotel’s spa, full of organic treats for skin and body and specialising in seaweed baths plucked fresh from the fjord."

"To say the day was exhilaration itself would be an understatement. We were only sorry we weren’t booked in for a month."

Cara – June 2010

"Delphi Mountain Resort really is as brilliant as everyone says it is a special blend of rugged nature and a golden opportunity to experience wilderness, wonderful wilderness.

… one of the must-visit places in Europe…"

Sunday Business Post – May 2010

"… a unique retreat which combines a calm mood of wholesome luxury with the wild spirit of the great outdoors."

Sunday Tribune-T2 – April 2010

"Delphi offers a range of challenging adventure activities to tire out the tykes, while the grown-ups can indulge themselves with excellent food and wine down in the superb spa, winner of 2009 Irish Tatler IT Factor Spa Award."

Confetti – February 2010

"Delphi Mountain Resort in Galway ticks all the boxes – it’s ecological, it has scenery that’s out of this world, and the staff make for an unforgettable day and stay, be it for weekend, the wedding, or the honeymoon."

"Wise choices like not putting television sets or alarm clocks in the bedroom ensure that you get a complete break from daily life. Yet, though it may feel like you’re miles away from civilisation, Delphi ensures that you will want for nothing."

Irish Examiner – February 2010

"Delphi combines knockout views with luxury suites and, with no TVs as a distraction; couples can concentrate on the things that really matter."

Irish Times - November 2009

"This is one of the most isolated, bleakly gorgeous locations in Ireland."

You and Your Money – November 2009

"The resort is a haven, a place where you get away from the usual routine and try something different."

"It also gives you and your partner, friend, kids or whoever the opportunity to talk over a drink in comfort and I’ll lay a bet that by the end of your stay you’ll have a very different view of relaxation."

The Irish World – October 2009

"Delphi Mountain Resort is simply stunning and offers an ideal escape for a romantic break, or indeed just quality time for one. Put simply, it is a place where time stands still."

"Delphi Mountain Resort is, without exaggeration, a gem of a destination."


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