Cast Aways

Our Castaways team challenge is about maximum fun, and is as much about brains as it is brawn.

Journeying deep into the Delphi bog lands, your team will meet a range of challenges head on. Your way is barred by ‘electric fences’, croc infested rivers, bog pools, obstacles and exclusion zones. Be prepared for mud, fun, challenge, team work and problem solving.

Your success on each task earns you valuable tokens to use in the ultimate challenge the ‘Boat Auction’. Soon it’s time to suit up (wetsuit that is!) and head to the water. Here you’ll join the Boat Auction.

Plan your bidding well as quality is vital as you construct your ‘competition standard’ water craft, take to the water and find a series of clues in a race to find the hidden treasure.

The Race is On!

Duration: ½ or Full Day

Team Numbers: Min. 8 – Max. 40

Suitable For: Teams looking for a mental and physical challenge and don’t mind getting wet!



For more information contact our team, Email: or Call +353 (0)95 42113