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True team building happens outside the office, away from its artificial lights and stuffy meeting rooms..

Delphi is the perfect place to create your best team yet – we offer tailor-made team building events in our resort, cherry-picking from the best high-energy outdoor activities we run.

Inspire or reward your people with one of our team-building programmes:

  • Team Bonding ~ Treat your staff or team’s achievement with an action-packed bonding experience. This is particularly suitable for sports and social groups or just as an incentive for your staff

  • Everest Programmes ~ Perfect for a team or group in a business or sport environment, Everest develops their strategic, communication and creative skills. Led by Gerry Hussey, Performance Consultant to the Irish Olympic Boxing team, Munster Rugby and Vodafone amongst others, the Executive programme is world-class training for world-class teams

When you choose Delphi for your team-building events you don't just get a unique venue, you also get the total personal commitment of our hand-picked team. They’ll go above and beyond to ensure your event matches your vision, and achieves results that can be seen and felt.

Tell us what you want for your team-building event, and we’ll make it happen.

When your team arrives, they don’t have to lift a finger (until activity time arrives). That means they can fully immerse themselves, and give 100% with no distractions.

Get more information on Delphi’s team building programmes and packages

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