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The Everest Programme: Team Building, Leadership and Development

Our Everest Team Building, Leadership and Development programme focuses on developing the essential ingredients of high-performance elite sports and business teams.

Our programme facilitators are committed to delivering a high-level, hands-on experience that’s fun-filled and memorable, and gets everyone involved.

Performance Consultant Gerry Hussey joins us to lead the programme, bringing his experience of getting results from the Irish Olympic Boxing and Munster Rugby teams, and lots of world-renowned corporations.

His energy and experience will bring the best out of your team, leaving them feeling inspired to achieve much more and grow your business.

Gerry Hussey has been working at the forefront of Olympic and International Sport since graduating from Trinity College Dublin in 2003.  In his role as Performance Consultant, Gerry has coached elite athletes for Olympic Games, Heineken Cups, European and World Championships. 

He brings an unrivalled wealth of honesty, experience and infectious passion to his work, from Golf to Sailing, Olympic Boxing to Corporate Coaching.

Among his current clients are the Irish Olympic Boxing team, Munster Rugby, Vodafone and many more.  His work with the Irish Boxing team in the Beijing and London Olympic Games has been well documented and acclaimed.

Gerry has been working with Delphi Adventure Resort since 2013 developing and facilitating the Everest programme, a unique, challenging and inspiring series of Team Building, Leadership and Development training modules.  The Everest Programme combines the best of outdoor adventure with the latest in organisational psychology and elite sports team performance strategies to deliver tangible and lasting team performance improvements.  

Everest Programme topics include:

  • Models of great leadership
  • The importance of vision
  • The importance of emotional intelligence
  • Conflict management techniques
  • Inspiring a more creative, innovative and resilient team

Everest programme modules:

Here’s what your team will learn on the programme. Locations and tasks are given in brackets.

1.     Team Bonding and Forming (Pre-Departure)

2.     Strategic Planning (Base Camp Experience)

3.     Communication (Hillary Step)

4.     Organisational Psychology (South Summit Push)

5.     Development of a Continuous Improvement Mindset (Descent)

6.     Change Management (Emergency Evacuation)

7.     Innovation & Creativity (Above the Clouds)

The team will get to take home:

  • Photo and video footage, perfect for reliving the most inspirational and interesting moments
  • Post-training debrief and report, so you have a tangible baseline to measure progress against

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