Team Building - Everest

The Everest Programme – Team Building, Leadership & Development:

Our Everest Team Building, Leadership and Development programme is a facilitated experiential training experience that focuses on developing the essential ingredients of high-performance elite sports and business teams to deliver a world-class, memorable and fun-fuelled team experience with tangible results. Everest programmes include:

  • Team Profiling
  • Tailored Experiential Team Building facilitated by David O’Loughlin, Olympian and Delphi Adventure Centre Manager
  • Video Footage
  • Post Training Debrief & Report 

The Everest Programme Deliverables

The programme focuses on key deliverables that are essential for team excellence and are wrapped around a programme of experiential learnings. The key modules can be found below;

1/ Team Bonding and Forming (Pre-Departure)

2/ Strategic Planning (Base Camp Experience)

3/ Communication (Hillary Step)

4/ Organisational Psychology (South Summit Push)

5/ Development of a Continuous Improvement Mindset (Descent)

6/ Change Management (Emergency Evacuation)

7/ Innovation & Creativity (Above the Clouds)


For more information on the Everest Programme, please call us on: +353 95 42208