Delphi Spa Products

Our resort is set in one of the most naturally beautiful locations in the world, so respecting the environment is important to us.

The treatment products we use in the Spa reflect our commitment; from the ingredients to the packaging, they’re sustainable and biodegradable. They’re also made from select organic ingredients, grown in harmony with the environment – and some of it grown and harvested locally.

Right down to the water we use and drink at Delphi, everything we use and source is natural.

Delphi Seaweed Baths Delphi Seaweed Baths - Delphi Adventure Resort - Spa Breaks - Galway

Seaweed baths are a traditional Irish treatment; if you’re visiting Ireland for the first time, it’s a real experience. You’ll be sat in a tub full of seaweed hand-harvested from our very own Connemara coast; warm water, drawn from the Delphi Mountain spring, opens your pores to let the seaweed work its magic.

Seaweed has lots of anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, and has been a renowned treatment around the world for centuries. It’s no wonder; packed with B vitamins, EFAs (essential fatty acids) and iodine, the humble green stuff does it all:

  • gently draws impurities and excess fluids from the skin
  • releases nutrient-rich oils, which your skin absorbs
  • helps thyroid function, as it’s rich in iodine
  • helps boost your metabolism – which then energises your skin
  • soothes skin conditions like eczema, acne and rosacea by reducing inflammation
  • helps improve cellulite, and has anti-aging properties

Every piece of seaweed used in our bath treatments is guaranteed to be fresh, wild, and bursting with goodness. After a seaweed bath your whole body will feel lighter, and your skin softer than you’ve ever felt it.

Please note: Seaweed wraps aren’t suitable for women in the first trimester (3 months) of pregnancy.

Enjoy a Delphi seaweed treatment at home

After your treatment you can also take a Delphi Seaweed bath home with you (for just €12). It’s reusable for up to 3 days in a row, as long as you dry it out after each bath.

(Don’t throw it out - if you’re green-fingered or have any potted plants in need of some extra nourishment, seaweed makes a great fertiliser!)

Delphi Seaweed Bath treatment can be purchased on site when you get here at Delphi Spa or at The Wild Atlantic Café & Shop.

Delphi Herbal Teas

Detox, revive, relax…

Delphi Herbal Teas - Delphi Adventure Resort - Spa Breaks - GalwayAs part of our treatments, we give you a choice of 3 nourishing herbal teas, specially blended for Delphi. Made from carefully selected ingredients, each one has its own distinctive and delicious taste.

The teas leave you feeling fully refreshed and relaxed. They help your body process the potent ingredients absorbed during treatment by:

  • cleansing the liver
  • soothing the nervous system
  • draining the lymphatic system

Delphi Herbal Teas can be purchased on site when you get here at Delphi Spa or at The Wild Atlantic Café & Shop.

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