Delphi Greencode

Delphi Mountain Resort Green Code

Environmental awareness and action is an intrinsic part of the life and ethos of this company. As a company and as a group of likeminded individuals we want to be at the forefront of progressive and sustainable practice. Please read the following and become our partners in respecting our natural world


WE avoid producing waste in every way that we can think of

WE place our litter in rubbish bins and recycle material that can be recycled

WE use lights only as necessary

WE keep doors and windows closed to keep in the heat

WE inform and encourage our staff and customers on how to participate actively and enthusiastically in our GREEN programme


WE car pool and share transport to the resort where possible


WE prevent wastage of water by using plugs in sinks and not leaving taps running unnecessarily


WE buy from local suppliers


WE will continue to innovate and where possible invest in environmental technologies

WE thank you for your support

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