Team Challenges

Delphi's Team Challenge program has been designed to promote team building and positive group development. Teams attempt to solve various problems encouraging their full participation, interaction, communication and team work. During each task members are required to contribute in different ways. Each challenge demands varied skill sets, some physical, some mental while some require creative solutions. This activity is suitable for all fitness and ability levels as everyone can provide different skills or solutions towards the completion of each challenge. There is also the element of competition as you will be against a rival team and that always creates interesting outcomes as each person assumes, sometimes, surprising roles within each group.

Example of team building activities:
Sprung a Leak:

Goal: Fill a central container with as much water as possible in the time allowed
Each team member is given equipment and a platform on which they must remain thorugh out the task and with good communication and planning before hand the group must get the water between each team member before finishing in the centreal container

Pitch Dark

Goal: Pitch a tent as a team
Half the team are suffering from snow blindness (blindfolded) and the other half from frostbite (not allowed to use hands). They must work together to pitch the tent within a certain time limit.

Croc Pit

Goal: The whole team and equipment must cross the enclosure; the team with the most water left in their bucket wins.
Three planks per team are used to cross the enclosure using the stepping-stones provided. Certain rules restrict how the planks may be used.

Spider’s Web

Goal: The whole team must get to the other side of the spiders web
Only one team member may pass through each hole in the spider’s web. As the easier lower holes are eliminated the team must work together to safely lift individuals through higher, more difficult holes.

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