Game of Zones

A fun team activity, combining indoor and outdoor team challenges, that require steady nerves, tests of memory, physical ability and clear communication skills.

Game of Zones challenges are completed by a combination of full teams, pairs and individual team members. Using GPS Geo-cache style navigation, teams must locate the 12 Game Zones which are located within Delphi’s 300 acre forest park.

Unsuccessful completion of a Game Zone challenge results in teams losing a life. The winning team is the team with the most lives at the end of the Game. Games may vary and include tests of balance, memory, skill, stealth, tactics and luck!

Game Zones include:

The Tube
Domino Drop
Hang Time
Spiders Web
Speed Ball
Shifting the Whiskey
Walk the Plank
Nuclear Fall Out

Duration: ½ or Full Day

Team Numbers: Min. 8 – Max. 40

Suitable For: Teams that enjoy physical, mental and fun challenges and perform well under pressure!



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