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Halloween at Delphi Resort

27 Oct – 5 Nov 2017

Looking for something different this Halloween? 

Delphi Resort invites all wicked witches, ghoulish ghosts and vampire villains to join us for Halloween Week! With lots of family fun and spooky entertainment, the week is set to be full of scary surprises..



Family Friendly Halloween Activities at Delphi

Get to Delphi this Halloween for some spook-tacular family fun! Activities include: Delphi Dungeons of Doom, The Forest of Fear, FREE Little Monsters Kids’ Club, up to 20 daily adventure activities, plus more!


 Delphi Dungeons of Doom

This is a walk-through experience in the dungeons at Delphi Resort for everyone to enjoy! Navigate a series of rooms collecting keys and clues to gain your freedom. Encounter the fairy king, the bog monster and other spooktacular characters along the way!

This activity is suited to families and children of all ages.

Come along for some spooky fun,
At the dungeons of doom where the demons belong..
Where puzzles and tricks await only the brave,
Amongst the fairy king or the cage man’s cave.
But don’t shy away, it’s meant for all ages
So come have a laugh and escape the trap cages
Put yourself to the test with our darkened rooms,
As you navigate the dungeons of doom!


Forest of Fear

The Forest of Fear

Are you brave enough to enter?

The Forest of Fear returns this Halloween week with lots of spooky surprises. A highly classified government experiment has taken an unexpected turn.. Zombies have taken control of the highly secret base hidden in the Delphi Forest.  With the future of mankind under threat, you must find the locations of the antidote and bring it back to the safety of base camp – enter if you dare!!!

This activity is suited to families and children from age 8 upwards.

Activity time: Approx 1.5 hours.


Kids Club at Delphi

Little Monsters Kids’ Club (3 – 7 year olds)

The Little Monsters Kids’ Club is perfect for the little ones aged 3 – 7, to discover the real magic of Halloween. They’ll be making anything from their own brooms, to wands, magic tricks to bats and spiders, to show their friends and scare off any ghouls or mythical creatures they come across on their Halloween holiday! The Little Monsters Kids’ Club is free in the mornings from 9.30am to 12.00pm (select days).
There is also an afternoon Mini Adventure Club that runs for 3 hrs and is €25 per child. The afternoon session is made up of adventure activities such as Mini Bushcraft, Mini Tunnelling, Mini Climbing and Wee Wheelers – click here for more info on the afternoon Kids’ Club activities

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