Detox..Delphi Style!


7 Day Spring Detox:

Spring is the natural time to detox and mother nature gives us the tools to do it

A detox diet will help restore and promote optimum health and vitality, restoring feelings of energy, alertness and a positive attitude. The addition of cleansing herbs will help to mop up, pack up and eliminate toxins while supporting all the organs and tissues involved in the detoxification process; lymphatics, blood, liver, kidneys, skin etc. it will act like a reset button, you will feel so good that you are much more likely to continue with a positive diet and healthy lifestyle.

How to detox: Try to reduce caffine intake for two weeks before to help reduce withdrawl symptoms such as headache and irritability.

How to detox

1.     Skin Brushing – Use a loofa or skin bristle brush to dry brush the skin twice daily, always brush in the direction of the heart.

2.     Drink Cleavers and Nettle Detox Cleanser- see recipe below

3.     Seaweed baths- or  Epsom Salt baths .Add 500g of Epsom salts to the bath, for a detoxifying soak. Wrap up warm and drink plenty of fluids after.

4.     Follow a health  diet- see below avoiding stimulants/sugars/alcohol/caffeine and processed foods- eating fresh/natural and whole foods as much as possible

5.     Nettle and Cleavers Lyphantic Detox-

6.     Fill a pot of freshly cut cleavers and nettles. Bring to boil and leave sit over night- Strain and drink a cup of juice a day for a week for a natural and free spring Detox cleanser

Avoid as much as possible for 7 days

1.     Meat, fish and eggs

2.     Dairy products

3.     Alcohol

4.     Caffeine (coffee, regular tea and green tea)

5.     Avoid wheat

6.     Fizzy drinks 

7.     Added sugar and salt

8.     Refined or processed foods

Eat as much as you like;

1.     Fruit (fresh and dried, banana every other day)

2.     Vegetables (not too many potatoes)

3.     Brown Rice

4.     Quinoa

5.     Millet

6.     Porridge

7.     Lentils and pulses

8.     Organic Nuts (plain, unsalted, no coating)

9.     Organic Seeds (plain, unsalted, no coating)

10.   Honey to sweeten (if required)

11.   Rice milk or nut milk in place of dairy

12.   Flaxseed oil for dressings 

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