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Why stay in Ireland for your holidays? Why not?

You can go surfing, kayaking, rock climbing, hill walking or have a relaxing spa break and it's all only a drive away!

These days due to the much talked about "economic climate" we're in, money is not as plentiful but this has had the knock on effect of reducing rates through out Ireland in all the hotels and attraction rates have come down.

You can hop in your car and take a drive to Connemara and appreciate some of the most stunning scenery in the world. Go scuba diving in the Athlantic Ocean, horse riding on one of the many spectacular beaches and see what the rest of the world loves about us.

Ireland is becoming the new adventure hotspot and as previously stated we are embracing this active lifestyle ourselves so why not do it at home? Support our local businesses, see our beautiful country and then talk about it to our overseas friends and get them over too!! (Spoken like a true tourism industry advocate)

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