OpTeamIse Your Teams’ Strengths!

At Delphi we recognise that focusing on a teams’ strengths can increase:-

• Engagement by up to 73% (Rath & Conchie, 2008)
• Employee performance by on average 36%
(Corporate Leadership Council, 2005)
• Customer retention by 44% (Harter et al, 2002)

Our 1 day Op-Team-ise team building programme utilises the Strengthscope
TeamTM profiling system to uncover your teams strengths and help you
understand how best to use them. A combination of indoor and outdoor team
activity sessions explores the results of your unique Strengthscope TeamTM
profile to develop your teams’ ability to use each others’ strengths to create
a more focused, productive and positive team environment.

The Op-Team-ise programme helps :-

• Build a high-performance team culture where individual and team performance
is maximized
• Facilitate complementary partnering and collaborative working based on
team members’ strengths
• Identify performance risks and powerful strategies to reduce these
• Encourage a positive, high trust and solutions-oriented team mindset and
working environment
• Build an appreciation of diversity where team members’ different strengths
are valued and respected

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Itineraries are tailored to suit each individual teams’ requirements, please call Sabina on 095 42113 or email teams@delphiresort.com