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Our Yoga Teachers

Our spa and wellness team consists of fully experienced therapists who are skilled in various disciplines. Each year we hold seasonal Yoga Retreats with Yoga Teacher, Kenneth Ryan.

Kenneth Ryan


“Ken Ryan is one of our magical Yoga Teacher’s and he is without question one of, if not the most spiritually uplifting Yoga, Meditation and Tai-Chi instructor on the planet.” – Jason Vale, The Juice Master

Kenneth Ryan has lead the Yoga/Holistic programme of events here at Delphi through until 2005. He has recently returned to the area after his journey teaching Yoga throughout the world and travelings with Jason Vale, aka The Juicemaster. In delivering your retreat experience, Ken will be incorporating many elements of detoxification and inner cleansing. Ken is from Galway City in the west of Ireland, although in recent years has spent most of his time abroad; he has traveled extensively. It was during one of his extended trips, during the long warm winter of his first trip to India in 1994 that Ken spent much of his time living alone in the tropical forest, at Peace with nature. He has since been inspired to regularly return to the mystical sub-continent and further east for lengthy periods of study and practice at traditional and contemporary schools of Yoga and Meditation.

In class Ken interprets these teachings in a form more appropriate to the western mind and lifestyle without compromising the essence of Truth that is Yoga. His style of teaching is often lively, balanced with gentleness of approach.

In terms of teaching style; Ken is less likely to be very critical of your physical practice or have the intention to coerce you into a perfect posture, but to rather encourage and inspire you to go beyond yourself by restfully and with ease opening out into where the body is ready to be..

Practical Tantric awareness has been one of the strongest influences along with a deep Love for the more subtle aspects of Hatha Yoga Vedanta philosophy. Ken has always placed great emphasis on restful Awareness and he Loves to share the many Epitemy Yoga teachings which are simple realisations of the natural state of being.

Whether holding steady, even strong postures or if you wish and are ready to “jump along” to a more energetic practice, you can expect to discover great Openness and Energy with ease… Anticipate also the Bliss of being cradled into a deep relaxed Awareness of Being.

Although much of Ken’s Yoga teachings have been shared on “detox” retreats, he does warrant caution if one tends to focus alot upon or become overly concerned about detoxing or removing some part of ourselves or our life experience . The notion that there is something wrong with “me” and the world around “me” is both a self-fulfilling prophesy and is also self-perpetuating. Rather than focusing on changing who we are or what we have become, the Yoga philosophy and practice Ken shares advocates a much more Peaceful, Free stance. In line with all of the epitimy (Beyond ) teachings of Tao, Zen and Yoga Vedanta; the emphasis remains upon realising the Natural State of Aware Presence that is the essence of our and All Being. Do you wish to awaken to the Truth that there is no effort whatsoever required in realising this contented, peaceful state of Aware Presence? It is absolutely available..


Gary O’Toole

Gary has had a love of movement from a young age. His early interest in dance instilled in him this love of movement and breath-centred awareness, but it wasn’t until his early 20’s that these became ‘practices’ in the form of hatha yoga and fitness training. He experienced his first connection to yoga – the complete release, and union of body, mind and soul the practice offers – by attending Kundalini yoga classes in Galway city in the early 90’s. Since then he has trained in various hatha yoga schools throughout Ireland and in India, including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Satyananda and, more recently, a mixed form of hatha yoga, dance and martial arts, called Shadow Yoga, which integrates Ayurvedic principles with astrological timing.

Now in his 40’s, his love of movement has not waned, but has become stronger – and safer – in its approach, as it has developed alongside movement techniques from various yoga schools, and within various fitness training modalities.

He trained as a yoga instructor with Green Lotus Yoga in 2007 and continues to work within the school, training teachers in the art of teaching yoga.

‘I found Gary to be inspirational, caring, charming and dedicated to both practice and teaching. He has a deep spiritual practice and yet can also be light and fun. My students love his classes’ – Carol Murphy, Green Lotus Yoga

He has trained as a fitness instructor with the University of Limerick, and applies the very latest training techniques – as well as the latest scientific knowledge of anatomy and movement – in his classes for a perfectly balanced mind-body practice.

His classes integrate dynamic training techniques with hatha yoga postures to ensure a cross-training effect, balancing the yang of dynamic exercises with the yin of passive stretching and meditations. Each exercise builds on a firm foundation of exercises, with variations to ensure the body is put through a variety of movement patterns, keeping the mind and body adaptable; removing tension by straining appropriate parts at appropriate intervals.

If you attend any of Gary’s classes, you will find that no two are the same, as he believes a variety of movement patterns is fundamental to a healthy mind and body, eventually leading you from fixed styles of yoga to an intuitive, freestyle movement which cultivates a deeper connection. The common thread is always an unwavering presence during the practice, balancing the physical aspects of yoga with a connection to the Higher Self via the breath; the true ‘core’ in yoga!

A meditation completes the sessions, bringing balance to the mind-body; leaving you feeling completely relaxed and re-energized.

Gary is an experienced massage therapist, having obtained a diploma in holistic massage, deep tissue (sports) massage, and reflexology (ITEC), as well as training in Ayurvedic Full Body Massage and Indian Head Massage at the International Academy of Ayurveda in India. He studied Ayurveda with the American Institute of Vedic Studies, through which he was granted the title ‘Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counsellor’.

Gary is an internationally renowned and respected Vedic astrologer. He has lectured at the British Association of Vedic Astrology in London and is the author of ‘Cosmic Bodies: The Ayurvedic Astrology Guide to Health & Well-Being’. He writes a popular monthly astrology forecast and offers personal readings online at He has been studying Vedic philosophy since 1996, combining these insights with Ayurveda and yoga in order to bring his clients and students into perfect balance – and a deeper connection with their true nature.

More information can be found on his website, Vayuveda meaning ‘the science of movement’.