Team Well Being

At Delphi, we have created a team wellbeing experience that seeks to relax,
rejuvenate and re-energise your team. Combining mindfulness, yoga, spa
treatments, gentle walks exploring the stunning Delphi scenery, great food
and lots of free time to simply get to know each other, relax and unwind,
we believe our team wellbeing experience is one that will appeal to a wide
range of teams seeking a more relaxed team bonding experience.

Benefits To the Organisation:

• Higher employee Performance & Productivity
• Improved Employee Engagement
• Lower Absence Rates
• Lower Staff Turnover
• Improved Employee Relations

Benefits for Individuals:

• Increased Physical and Mental Wellbeing
• Better Energy, Resilience & Productivity
• More Positive and Optimistic Thinking
• Less Worry & Anxiety
• Better defence against Depression
• Improved Work Relationships

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Itineraries are tailored to suit each individual teams’ requirements, please call Sabina on 095 42113 or email