Everest Connect

Key Focus: 

Connecting, aligning and equipping teams to become High Performance Teams.

Duration: 1.5 day programme

Programme Summary:  

The Everest Connect module combines workshop sessions on the theory underpinning the topics covered, combined with outdoor activities that are specially designed to put the theory into practise in a variety of mentally and physically challenging situations – all challenges are designed to be team member appropriate, taking into consideration age/physical fitness levels/medical conditions/etc.  Each outdoor session is fully debriefed to ensure learnings are absorbed and understood in relation to the workplace.  Active participation and passionate debate are encouraged and expertly facilitated.  Each team will leave the Programme with an agreed Action Plan to get them to the next level.

Pre-Training – What to Expect: 

Before your team embark upon the Everest Connect Programme, each member will be asked to undertake an online StrengthscopeTM psychometric test, aimed at revealing the unique strengths and weaknesses of each team member, and by extension the team itself.  Your teams’ aims and objectives will be discussed by Gerry Hussey with the Team Leader/Group Organiser.  Gerry will then tailor the content of the Everest Connect module to best suit your teams particular challenges.

All Everest modules include: 

  • Pre-Experience Needs Analysis with Client via Telephone with Gerry Hussey
  • Pre-Experience Team Member Profiling using StrengthscopeTM
  • Tailored Everest Connect Experiential Team Building Module facilitated by Gerry Hussey, Performance Consultant to the Irish Olympic Boxing team
  • Photo Footage of Your Everest Experience
  • Post Training Debrief & Action Report

Post Training – What to Expect:

8 weeks & 16 weeks after the Everest Connect module is completed team members will be asked to complete a followup assessement of their teams’ strengths and weaknesses, to measure the effectiveness of the Programme.  The findings will be forwarded to the Team Leader/Organiser and serves the dual purpose of both measuring the tangible ROI the Everest Programme has delivered, and highlighting those areas that may require further attention.

What Next? 

The modules of the Everest Programme have been designed to be progressive and complementary.  The Everest Advance module builds on the learnings teams achieve by completing Everest Connect, and is designed to be undertaken as a follow-on module.  Everest Advance focuses on energising, mobilising & enabling teams to develop a continuous improvement mindset.

The Everest Engage module focuses on team member wellbeing, with the workshops designed to provide an understanding of the importance of adopting a wellness mindset.  The module explores the benefits of mindful communication and leadership, what this looks like, and how this approach is critical to achieving healthy, motivated and engaged workplaces.

Teams will get to experience a variety of workshops designed to optimise their mental and physical health and provide them with a personalised toolkit to help them develop resilience, encourage creativity and enjoy a healthier, less stressful, lifestyle .  Workshops include yoga, mindfulness meditation, the importance of good nutrition and how to achieve work/life balance.

Everest Engage can be undertaken independently of Everest Connect and Everest Advance, with some teams preferring to begin their Everest experience with this stand-alone module, and others choosing to add the module to the end of an Everest Connect or Everest Advance module, creating a comprehensive 3 day programme.


The Everest Team Development &  Executive Leadership Programme has been developed by Gerry Hussey and the Delphi Adventure and Training team to deliver optimal Team Building experiences that deliver tangible results for every client.  Teams that have completed the Everest Programmes to date have been delighted with the results.  There is simply no other team or leadership development experience that matches the content, environment, experience and results delivered by Delphi Resort’s Everest Programme.

For more information contact our team, Email: teams@delphiresort.com or Call +353 (0)95 42113