The Everest Programme

Peak at Delphi Resort with the Everest Team Development & Executive Leadership Programme..

Delphi Resort has successfully combined the latest principles in strengths assessment, organisational psychology, elite sports team performance strategies and outdoor adventure to develop the Everest Team Development & Executive Leadership Programme. Whether looking to reward and motivate your team, develop the proven skill-set and leadership abilities of high performance teams, provide an opportunity to boost your teams physical and mental well being, or hone and develop leadership capabilities, Delphi Resort’s world-class Everest Programme has a solution to suit you.


The Everest Programme consists of 4 modules – Connect, Advance, Engage and Executive Leadership – and each level provides teams with an opportunity to experience the challenges of a simulated Everest expedition.

Everest Connect – 1.5 day programme –  connecting, aligning & equipping teams with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become High Performance Teams.

Everest Advance – 1.5 day programme – energising, mobilising & enabling High Performance Teams to develop a continuous improvement mindset

Everest Engage – 1.5 day programme – promoting a wellness mindset, developing resilience and encouraging creativity to increase engagement and unleash potential

Everest Executive Leadership – 2 day programme – empowering leaders to build and motivate effective teams, resolve strategic problems and drive change within themselves and their organisations.

By developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes of high performance teams and outstanding leaders, and focusing on enhancing a teams’ Vision, Culture, People & Processes, the Everest Programme empowers teams and leaders to achieve their goals and reach the very pinnacle of success.  There is simply no other team or leadership development experience that matches the content, environment, experience and results delivered by Delphi Resort’s Everest Programme.

Give us your people, we’ll give you back a team!

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