Outdoor Team Activities

Team Bonding – Outdoor Activities

Our wide range of land and water based team activities will challenge, motivate and inspire your team to work together to achieve great results..

Each activity session takes ½ day, choose 2 from the list below to complete a full day of Adventure.

Zipline Aerial Adventure 

Consisting of 3 activities, this half day session will give your team the full aerial experience! Guide your team through the 40m high Zip ‘n’ Trek obstacle course, brave the exhilarating Free Fall, then walk the Burma Bridge crossing before zipping down the new 220m zip-wire to base! A great activity for those looking for high adrenaline fun.

Team Bog Challenge + Team Tasks (Min 8 per Session-no Max)

The race is on! Your team will run, hop, scramble and climb their way through the boggy ground and push their boundaries in this mud fuelled adventure. They’ll be soaked to their socks and up to their eyeballs in mud, but so busy laughing that they won’t care! A must-do Delphi experience.

Bushcraft Survival Challenge + Team Tasks (Min 8 per Session-no Max)

Are you ready to take on a Bear Grylls-style challenge? This is as hands-on as it gets. Go beyond survival to thrive in the wild, just as nature intended. You’ll navigate your journey deep into the rugged Connemara wilderness. You’ll be shown how to build a shelter, light a camp fire, and survive in the great outdoors.

“Be positive, be strong and be resourceful… the world really is what you make of it” – Bear Grylls

Team Tasks

Croc Pit:

Task: Get all your team and all your equipment across the crocodile infested pit from one platform to another.

Helium Sticks:

Task: Deceptively simple teamwork activity. Form two lines facing each other. Lay a long, thin rod on the group’s index fingers. Goal: to Lower the Stick to the ground. Reality: The Stick always goes up.

Sprung a Leak:

Task: Fill a central container with as much water as possible in the time allowed. Each team member is given equipment and a platform on which they must remain through out the task. With good communications skills and planning each group must get the water between each team member before finishing at a central container.

Pitch Dark:

Task: Pitch a tent as a team. Half the team are suffering from snow blindness (blindfolded) and the other half from frostbite (not allowed to use hands). They must work together to pitch the tent within a certain time limit.

Spider’s Web:

Task: The whole team must get to the other side of the spiders web. Only one team member may pass through each hole in the spider’s web. As the easier lower holes are eliminated the team must work together to safely lift individuals through higher, more difficult holes.

Broken Bridge:

Task: To get the entire team across the bridge including all the equipment provided.
– No direct contact can be made where coloured red
– No jumping from outside the area
– Nothing can touch the ground – Good Luck!

Delphi Hike & Bike (Min 8-Max 24 per Session):

Come and explore some of Connemara’s most awe-inspiring scenery with us! Delphi Resort is set right by the Bundorragha River near Leenane, within hundreds of acres of Connemara countryside.

What better way to spend a morning/afternoon than exploring the beautiful Delphi Valley on foot & on bike!

We’ll take you on a cycle tour around the Delphi Resort area, through the local rolling scenery and areas of unique natural beauty, followed by a spectacular Famine Trail walk. You’ll journey along the Wild Atlantic Way coastal drive, then venture through the stunning Killary Valley where mountains loom on either side, retracing the Famine Walk of pilgrims long ago. We’ll provide the bikes and the safety gear so all you have to worry about is… well nothing!

Kayaking (Min 8-Max 24 per Session):

For a chilled-out experience, take a paddle through the flat waters of the stunning Killary fjord. The fjord is in the heart of Connemara which forms a natural border between counties Galway and Mayo. It is 16 kilometres long and in the centre it is over 45 metres deep.

On the Delphi Blueway Kayaking session, you’ll see the beautiful coastline from a whole new perspective. The northern shore boasts spectacular views of Mweelrea Mountain; Connacht’s highest, rising to 814 metres, while to the south are the Maumturk Mountains and the Twelve Bens.

This is one of the many unique lifetime experiences on offer at Delphi and we would highly recommend it to all!




Itineraries are tailored to suit each individual teams’ requirements, please call Sabina on 095 42113 or email teams@delphiresort.com