Will the regular multi activity programme booked by a school fulfill the Gaisce requirement?
No. The Gaisce programme will take two days for the bronze, three for the silver and four for the gold. The programme is specialised and must be arranged with Delphi before arrival.

Will the students have to prepare before arrival?
It is essential that the Gaisce participants are prepared physically for the days ahead. If some members of the group are not prepared it may prevent the others from finishing.

What do they need to bring?
Comfortable walking shoes or boots are essential.
Swimming Togs
Rain Gear
Small rucksack
(They will also need standard kit list sent to schools)

Can the Gaisce candidates partake in other activities outside of the programme?
They must complete each part of the Gaisce programme in the time recommended before they can take part in other activities.

What is the minimum amount of students I can book in for the award?
24  people

What are the minimum requirements for each expedition?

Bronze Awards: 2 days and 1 night
Walking distance – 24km (15miles) at least
Cycling distance – 113km (70miles) at least
Canoeing distance – 20km to 30km (12.5miles to 19miles)

Silver Award: 3 days and 2 nights
Walking distance – 48km (30miles) at least
Cycling distance – 193km (120miles) at least
Canoeing distance – 40km to 50km (25miles to 31miles)

Gold Award: 4 days and 3 nights
Walking Distance – 80km (50 miles) at least

For more information please contact us on 095 42208