Schools & Youth Groups Ireland

Through adventure, we inspire.
When you take the classroom outdoors you bring learning to life with our School Tours in Ireland.

School Tours & Youth Groups Connemara – Working with young people over the last 30 years has shown us that getting from A to B – whether you walk, climb, kayak or zip wire – is easier if you work together.

We work with school groups to build new friendships and nurture confidence. To sum it up, coming to Delphi is a true adventure. You’ll feel relaxed knowing that your school group is supervised and happy And they’ll have fun doing the things that can’t be done in a classroom, whether that means climbing hills or crossing rivers.

Our experienced instructors are fully certified and safety accredited so you can be sure that your school tour group are being properly looked after. And your own luxury accommodation isn’t too far away so you can keep an eye on how they’re doing. Like we said, students have a full activity programme, so when they’re not involved in sports and challenges, they’re enjoying a full spread of nutritional food at mealtimes. In the evenings, we always have activities to help the students socialise.

For your pupils to realise the inside, you’ve got to take them outside.

We love it when students show their sense of adventure. Whether kayaking in Killary Harbour, cycling through the spectacular Delphi Valley, climbing the peaks of Connemara, surfing on the local blue flag beaches, or problem solving on our Delphi Challenges, we want them to get out there and learn new things. We work in teams to help students become confident leaders and better team players.

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it’s about digging deep, climbing high and discovering inner courage…
it’s more than just a school tour!